Old friends, sat on the park bench like bookends...
Simon and Garfunkle, Bookends

What's in my mailbox:
  The Wall Street Journal; The Western Livestock Journal; The New Yorker; Capitol Press; Wired; Working Ranch Magazine; Range; W Magazine

Some Favorite Reads (in no particular order):
  Narrative of Exploration and Adventure (John C. Fremont)
The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Meriwether Lewis, William Clark.  Bernard DeVoto ed.)
The Oregon Desert (E.R. Jackman, A.L. Long)
1491 (Charles C. Mann)
The Last Buckaroo (Mackey Hedges)
Middlemarch (George Eliot) 
A Sportsman's Notebook (Ivan Turgenev)
A Sand County Almanac (Aldo Leopold)
Big Enough (Will James)
War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy)
Rising from the Plains (John McPhee)

Rear Window
Pride and Prejudice (BBC, 1995)
The Philadelphia Story
Room with a View
The Jungle Book
Henry V

On My IPod:
  Dave Stamey
Brenn Hill
Ian Tyson
Chris LeDeux
Alison Krauss
The Ramones
Neil Young
Joni Mitchell
J.S. Bach
George Strait
Benny Goodman

Websites I Enjoy:

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