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Through beautiful prose, Andy weaves together a tapestry of firsthand accounts from John C. Fremont to modern day environmentalists and ranchers that illustrates how culture and ecology are intricately linked in the rural West, and importantly, that this uniquely American experience belongs to all of us and is worth saving. Andy’s keynote address to our group of sage grouse conservationists from over 25 organizations struck a chord in all that the work we do is about much more than just saving species; it’s about maintaining some of the last best places in the country where the spirit of what makes us Americans lives on.

        —Jeremy Maestas, National Technical Lead, NRCS Sage Grouse Initiative

Inspirational, emotional, and extremely motivating, Andy delivered exactly what we were looking for and then some. Her keynote speech provided practical insight into the people and values of the western ranching communities. Delivered to 100 sage grouse conservationists and agency leaders throughout the West, Andy firmly cemented the importance of conserving ranching communities as a prerequisite to conserving wildlife. Sage Grouse Initiative Team members ranked her speech as a highlight of the week!

        —Tim Griffith
NRCS Sage-grouse Initiative Coordinator

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Speaking Engagements

National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Sage Grouse Summit
        Lakeview, OR—April 2013 (Keynote speaker)

National Red Angus Association Annual Convention
        Reno, NV—October 2012 (Invited speaker)

Yerington Bull Sale, Snyder Livestock
        Yerington, NV—March 2012 (Invited speaker)

Public Lands Council Annual Convention
        Winnemucca, NV—September 2012 (Chaired roundtable)

Nevada Cattlemen's Association Fall Convention
       Minden, NV—November 2011 (Invited speaker)

Utah Cattlemen's Association Summer Convention
        Price, Utah—July 2010 (Invited speaker)

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